At PBS , we have developed processes and tools that allow psychiatric practices to focus on their patients and not the time consuming task of collecting money. Services include: submittal of electronic and paper insurance claims, regular follow-up on past due claims, posting patient charges, sending monthly billing statements to patients, and collecting patient receivables.
Claims Processing | PBS files claims to third party payers on a weekly basis to ensure our clients maintain a steady cash flow. Outstanding claims are reviewed monthly and we make follow-up calls to insurance carriers if timely payments are not received.
Reporting | PBS will provide you with monthly financial reports to help identify past due accounts. If there are accounts that require referral to a collection agent, we will provide patient ledgers detailing account activity to help them collect the balance. We regularly provide accounts receivable reports so that you always have up-to-date financial information on your accounts.

Payment Processing | PBS posts all insurance and patient payments on a weekly basis and balance bill patients for any balances that remain after insurance reimbursements are received. Patients receive billing statements each month which contain PBS’s phone number for billing inquiries. We handle all inquiries in a professional manner, keeping in mind that your patients deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Remote Access | Because we respect all patients' rights to privacy and strictly adhere to HIPAA regulations, patients are not able to interface or access our billing system, but we can offer your own office the ability to do so. You can access your accounts through our server, allowing you complete transparency of all tasks we perform for your practice.

Practice Management | As a part of our regular services, we are happy to consult with our clients regarding their fees, procedure coding, the best insurances to participate with, and any issue that will help maximize practice productivity and income.
Fees | PBS bills clients on a percentage basis for all receipts made on patient accounts. There is also a one-time set up fee for new clients.